~Easter and Outing~

EASter dayyy~~~

Thank God for dying on the cross for us!
Thank God for washing all our sins away
Thank God for choosing me as your daughter
Thank God forgiving all my sins
Thank God for blessing me every single moment
Thank God, I'm still breathing ~~

Sorry God, I may not know how hurt are you whenever I did something wrong
You never leave me alone, whenever I'm away from You
You still forgive me when I sin against you!
God, all i want to say is Thank You!!
For accepting me who am I~~ Thank you that your grace is still with me~
Thank God you never take away Your Holy Spirit in me~
Thank you for the cross Lord!!
Thank you for the price you paid~
Bearing all my sins and shame!
Worthy is the Lamb

First thing I gonna shout~!!!!
Thank God!! Andy finally came to our church~~~
Awww~~~ although he havent accepted Christ yet, however God has open His door for me to spread the gospel to him:)
A treat by me :) Happy Birthday Andy

Is time for Church service :)
Thank God, more than 1000 over teenagers came for this event
and the whole L5 hall is full~~ whooohoo~~
The long lost sheep ~~ Pui san is back to church too~~
God you are such a great God

ahh har~~~ My lovely friend gave me a Swiss Dark Chocolate :)
Is Easter day~~
A chocolate given by him :)
Thank you so much~~ appreciate it!!
Thank you !!!!!

Here you go~~ Our group

Following up the next day~~
we have morning prayer ~~
Lalalala~~ I managed to kick out from my bed :)
Thanks to the dummmie for waking me up~~~
calling me patiently :P Love you to the maxxxx!!!

Right after Morning Prayer~~
We went out for Cg Outing~~
fellowship with all new members ~~~ and having a greatest quality time with you all~~
Now I realized that our group has too many dumbmie singers ~~!!
I'm lucky I'm not the worst there :)

Rockxx!! W78~~

~Pampering Month~

A day after my exam, is time to have a April makeover ~
Within a month, I went for 3 times hairdo and 1 time for medicure and pedicure :)
What a papering month :)
Anyway, first stop is Glamour Bangsar House !!
Environment 8/10
Pedi and Medi 9/10 (Love their skills )
Hair wash 4/10 (I dont really like the guy!! not honest and not friendly at all! ) we pay for service, please let me feel it !!!!

Glamour House @ Bangsar

Here you go :) I have blue for my toes and silver for my fingers :)

Yup~ this is the hairdo time :(
anyway, I've been persuaded by them to get the hair colour treatment
Kinda regretted..~~
Just remind me ,the package expired in June~~ Gonna redeemed it by early of June


Alright~~ this is the 2nd stop :)
Kenza Studio, my loyal hair saloon ~~
I gonna take it a try to perm my short hair :)
This is how it looks like for the first day~~

I still look good on it, however many complaints flowing up saying that I'm look like an old fox ~!!
Therefore, right after a day I went back for straightening my hair~!!
and it turns up this way

Hmm~~~ my hair like grass !!
spoiled by those chemical ~~~
I think I make it a try for a new hair style :) Good job~!!


~Pasta Zamai @ Grandpa Birthday~

What an interesting and lovely grandparents :)
They are just so cute with the Iphone 4s in hands :)

Grandma asking grandpa : What are you looking at ??
Grandpa answered: you wanna have a look with it??

end up both of them are youtube-ing there ... Aww sweet couple :P

Anyway, yesterday is my grandpa's birthday :)
Although we had celebrated his birthday few days ago, still we wanna celebrate once again with him on his official birthday :)
Is just a simple dinner we had in Midvally..nothing special yet we still have the best quality time :)
Here you go with some nice and funny pictures of us :)
Happy Birthday grandpa :)
May God bless you abundantly....
with lots of love from your granddaughter Ash :)

Mummy and PaPa Ashley and Emily



I need money ~~Give me more ...!!!!






~Say Bye to Ball~

My ball ball~~
You gonna away us again for another months...
Seriously miss ya from the head to the tip of my toes~
Is happy to meet you back again, although is only every alternate month ONCE :(
You bring laughter and joys to us :) sometime kinda mad on you too because you always organize for car racing...seriously ish ya to the max~!! You still my scary driver :P hahahha
Really happy to have a lovely dinner with you, is been so long we never had this gathering ...
Thousand appreciate, I never regret of scarified my study time for you :P

(p/s: next time I gonna sit opposite of you once again :P hahaha~~ we keep our secret yeah :P) You know what Im talking yoo!! Whatsapp :P hahahhaa...~~ oppsie~~ shhhhh!! Our dirty little secret

Once again...Thank you !!
I really had a nice time with you guys~~
Miss you :) all the best on your flight!!
see ya soon :P

"Somebody is gonna miss you
Somebody is gonna wish that you were here
That somebody is me

I will write to tell you what's going on
But you won't miss nothing but the same old song
If you don't mind catching up
I'll spend the day telling you stories about a land far away
But I know"






~The Han Room Restaurant~

The Han Room Restaurant
Table 53, 10 Pax :)
Set Menu 118; Fine Dining

Dinner with my lovely family :) Mum and grandparents got back from Penang; sister and Keith got back from Indonesia Club Med :) Finally, they're back
Missing them so much~ Had a nice family dinner and quality time (in directly celebrate my grandpa's birthday too )
I'm not really fancy with the foods, because I'm not a fan of Chinese cuisine ... food taste I rate it 4/10 however family rate it as 9/10 -.-!!
Anyway, I still prefer western foods :) Bread, eggs, salad, chop
Somehow or rather this meal is actually cheaper than western fine dining, each person cost Rm150 only :) you can taste goose, abalone, shark fin :P better than flour, eggs, and vegetable
I'm satisfied because I've been served well through out the dinner section :)
Thumbs up~~ Here you go with all the on tray foods :)